Cleaning for a Reason

Posted by Steve Wolgemuth on February 7, 2011 in Journal |

If you are one of the several dozen friends who told us about “Cleaning For a Reason,” the cleaning program for cancer patients, you’d probably be interested in this update. It turns out that we tried and tried to use the program, albeit, unsuccessfully.  With Lori’s persistence, we learned that a lot of people were trying to log in and the “slots” were always booked full in the first few minutes each day.

Then we got connected with Garman’s cleaning service and everything changed. Next thing we knew it, we got interviewed on Fox News. So Lori did what most women would do in this situation – she spent the day cleaning to get ready for the cleaning service and Fox News.

They aired it tonight at 6:30 (short version) and plan to air the longer version at 10 pm. As the cleaning service schedules its upcoming dates, I might need to tell Lori the wrong days so she doesn’t “prepare” for them.  :-)


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